Saturday, 18 July 2020

Just Nan’s Heart of Gold

I found my Just Nan Heart of Gold sampler.  It just needed the back stitching, beads and charm added.  I’m so pleased I have finished it and that I have now finished three WIPs and on the way to finishing another one.  Not sure how long I can hold out before I start another one but I really want to finish Mirabilia’s Snow Queen and the Janlynn Santa’s Wish List.  One of my son’s want the Santa’s Wish List, I started that one about 30 years ago I think so it’s about time that one was finished.

Here is Just Nan’s Heart of Gold.

It was one of the class projects.  I have more I must stitch some more of them soon.

Mirabilia’s Snow Queen is coming on well.

I’ve done a lot on the Snow Queen, I’m really pleased with her.  Not sure I’ll be able to spend so much time on her over the next few weeks but I do want to make sure I finish her soon.

I’ve been spending time on the beach with my granddaughter Hailey, these photo’s remind me of the All Our Yesterday’s cross stitch charts.  I must get some to stitch for her.

Happy stitching


Saturday, 4 July 2020

Welcome to the Forest

Welcome to the Forest is finished, Hailey will love it.  Still not sure how I am going to finish it.  I’ll see what frames and fabric I can find then decide wether to frame it or turn into a banner.

Sorry about the photo, a bit wonky and you can see the lines from my cutting board.  I’ll take a better photo later.

I have picked up another WIP, this time The Snow Queen by Mirabilia.  I last stitched on it in 2018.

I really love this one and must finish it this time.  Like many pieces it ended up in my pile of WIP.  My son Jack has seen Santa’s wish List in my WIP pile and would like it to hang in his flat at Christmas.  I started that one years ago long before he was born.  Maybe 30 years ago?  It’s on Aida, cannot remember the last time I stitched on that although the way my eyes are going I may be back on it soon.  Still I will start it again and finish it this time.  

We were able to go to Canterbury last weekend and have a social distance walk with him last week,  like others I miss being able to see and hug my family.

The Weavers house in Canterbury 

Canterbury, the streets were so empty.

Westgate Towers

Westgate Gardens

I’ll try and not leave it so long till the next post.

Happy stitching


Friday, 29 May 2020

Forest Fox and Friends.

Forest Fox and Friends square finished, just one more square to go.

Almost finished, still not sure how I will finish it.

I also finished off a few stitched pieces into bell pulls.

I think one is a Shepherds Bush design, one Lizzie Kate, one Just Nan and I cannot remember who designed the last one.  

I also made a wreath last Christmas, it was made from 52 small fabric pillows.  

Sorry I cannot remember who made this kit.  I added a few fir cones as well, might add something else to it next year as well.  It feels like it needs something else.

Happy stitching.


Sunday, 24 May 2020

Pink Forest Cottage

Another square finished on the Country Cottage Needleworks Welcome to the Forest, the Pink Forest Cottage.  My granddaughter loves pink so she’ll say that’s her cottage and the blue one is mine.  Only two more squares to go and the rest of the border.

I made myself a sewing case, it’s from a pattern by Lynette Anderson.  It’s the first time I did this type of embroidery and appliqué.

Here is the inside, pockets to pop things in and I also made a small needle case to store my needles.

I had fun making this.  I’m sure I will be using it a lot.

A couple more pictures from our lockdown walks.

I do love walking along our beaches.  This is Margate Harbour when the tide is out.

Another of the harbour with the tide going out or coming in, I cannot remember.

Happy stitching


Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Blue Forest Cottage

Another square finished on Welcome to the Forest, one of the cottages.  I must say stitching the single red stitches along the top and bottom were not my favourite part of the square, not looking forward to stitching them on the next square.

Another photo I took last summer when I was making up some of my stitched pieces.

This one I stitched years ago.  Santa’s clothes by Raise the Roof.

A batch of stitched pieces before they were made into ornaments.

Another photo from our walk along Kingsgate Bay.

Happy Stitching


Saturday, 16 May 2020

Still stitching

Still stitching, still in lockdown although you can go for longer walks and walk more then once a day.

Finished the second square and I’ve almost finished the third one.  I’m leaving the french knots on the toadstools and the eyes for the animals until the end, I might use beads instead.

Here is another bag I made.  This one is called Simona by Shamballa.

I like this bag, lots of room inside.  I had a piece of Liberty fabric and I used it on this bag.

Here are a few more photos I found of some of the Christmas finishes I did last year.

Country Cottage Needleworks Gingerbread Village.   Love this, so cute.

Two of Lizzie Kate’s Santa’s made into small pillows.

Another photo from one of our daily walks.  We are so lucky to have lovely places to walk.  It was a lovely sunny day, not a cloud in the sky but the wind was a bit chilly.

Happy stitching


Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Welcome to the Forest

I am really enjoying getting back into stitching.  I do go off and do other crafts but I always come back to my stitching.  After finishing my Farmhouse Christmas I have picked up my Welcome to the Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am making this for my granddaughter, she loves going for a walk in the woods around here.  We are lucky there are a lot of small woods within a short drive from here.

I had stitched the banner piece before put it away.  I’ve almost finished another square, I know Hailey will love this when I have finished it.

Last summer I batch made a load of small stitched pieces into ornaments.  I found some old photos of them after I had stitched them into small pillow ornaments and stuffed them.  They were waiting to have the opening stitched closed and the cording put around the edges.

The snow one finished,  my son Jack had that one and a few more for his tree.

I also made a few Christmas cushions.  It was nice to see the stitched pieces turned into some things.  I still have loads that are just sitting there waiting to be framed or turned into something.

We are lucky living on the coast as it means we have lovely places to walk on our daily walks during the lockdown.

Lots of cliff top walks.  I have noticed on sunny days the sky is so much bluer then it used to be.  I’ll take some photos when the sun is shining and post them.  

Well that’s all for now

Happy stitching