Saturday, 27 September 2008

Both of the RR's I stitched on have reached their homes so I can show you the squares I stitched. The first on is for Kay, her theme was Halloween and I stitched a SanMan design for her. (forum members only chart).

The second one was for Louise and her theme was snowmen. I stitched a Waxing Moon design for her but I had to change it slighly to fit into her square.

I also finished one of the SanMan Halloween pieces I stitched a while ago. It is a chart for SanMan forum members only.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


I'm working on a RR at the moment so cannot show you it yet but I did finish a piece from my stitched but not finished pile into an ornament.

I think it is really cute, it is from SanMan Originals (forum member's only chart). I also stitched a Lizzie Kate which has added itself to my stitched but not finished pile. Hopefully it will be finished by Christmas.

Well back to my RR.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

A few more finishes

I really must try and post here a bit more. I have a couple of new finishes and I also finished one of my stitched pieces into an ornament.

First is Friends Forever by Lori Birmingham, a bit disappointed as there were not enough crystal beads to do all the snowflakes but there were plenty of the bugle beads so I used those for the large snowflake. Sorry about the photo the banner is a bit wrinkly.

The second finish is also a banner from Lori Birmingham called Be Good. Must get some bell pull rods to hang them.

My son Tom picked this snowman by Ursula Michael from my pile of stitched but not finished pieces as his ornament this year.