Monday, 19 December 2011

Sorry for not posting

Sorry I have not posted in a while, you know how it is this time of year so much to do.  I have done some Christmas stitching but not finished them properly yet

Two LHN ornaments that need making up, not sure if I will have time before Christmas but I hope I can finish them in time

Baked Goods

Bringing Home the Tree

Three SanMan Original tucks, I need to iron the stitching and put them in the tucks properly but I have popped them in for you to see now otherwise it could well be next year before you see them.

Popcorn Snow

Ginger Cookies - Gingerbread

Chubby Penquin,  Ooops I have forgotten to add his bow must do that in a moment before I forget.

Must go time to cook the dinner or I will have a riot on my hands. LOL