Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Strawberries and the Wildflower Garden

Just the thing to stitch while Wimbledon is on. Another one of Sandy's lovely tuck kits from one the Members newsletters. Not sure why it is a bit wonky it was the right way up in the scanner. When I took it out it was still the right way up.

Here is an update of The Wildflower Garden. I restitched the border of the centre garden which I had to frog. It put me off stitching it for a few days.

Hopefully there will not be anymore mistakes, I want to get it finished now.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Messy Rabbit Pinkeep

When I saw this in the World of Cross Stitching I knew I had to stitch it. I have the CD and nearly all of the rubber stamps including the one like this. Unfortunately last week I did not have time to do any stitching.

I did not stitch the large flowers at each side of messy as I wanted to add the sequin flowers instead.

Back of the pinkeep, not the neatest of finishes.

So glad I finally have time to stitch again.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Nothing to show you

Well I have nothing to show you. First on Monday I was merrily stitching away on the Wildflower Garden when I realised something was wrong. I thought I had done something wrong but I had followed the chart correctly but checking the chart against the photo on the front showed that I had gone wrong because the chart has a line of the symbols missing. So I had to frog loads. Then on Tuesday the family computer broke. Thursday I get a phone call to say my mother who is 80 and has Altzeimer's has been taken to hospital because she blacked out. She lives 3000 miles away in Canada so I cannot be of any practical help to my stepfather who is 82 and sounding very tired on the phone. They could not find anything wrong and yesterday they hooked her up to a heart monitor for 48 hours so we have to wait and see if that shows anything.

Yesterday I started a small project so hopefully I will get it finished quickly and have something to show you. I will start on the Wildflower garden again in a day or two. I don't feel like it at the moment.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wildflower Garden

I've not had much time to stitch on The Wildflower Garden this week but hopefully I will have enough time for stitching next week to finish it. I do want to stitch SanMan Originals Berry Tuck to go on my ornament tree this week as well. I saw Mel's finished one in the SanMan Gallery and knew I had to move this one to the top of my 'to do' pile. My spring tucks are now packed away until next year so my ornament tree is looking a bit bare.

Sorry about the crooked scan also the colours seem a bit dull.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Heebie Jeebie

This is my last Halloween finish for a while I have some other bits and pieces to do first. This is another of the lovely quick banner kits from SanMan Originals newsletter shop. That pumpkin at the bottom is great I love him.

These banners have been so easy to finish as Sandy's finishing instructions said to use 'hemming tape' I have never used this before and I cannot believe how easy it was to make the banners using it. As some of you may remember my sewing machine and I are not the best of friends and using the hemming tape means he can stay in the cupboard. This is my favorite finishing tip at the moment and I am going to have to look at my 'stitched but not finished pieces and see if there are anymore that can be made into banners with this magic tape.

Not had much time to stitch on the Wildflower Garden but I still have a couple of days before I have to update you on it.