Monday, 28 November 2011

The Chalet School books

Two updates for you but I have not done as much stitching as I could, my son asked me to reserve him a library book online.  While I was doing it I looked to see if they had any of the books I used to read when I was a child.  My favourite series was The Chalet School.  I could not believe it they had the first two in the series so I reserved them and when I collected the first one I could not put it down.  It was written in 1925 (no I'm not that old LOL the last one was published in 1970) so some of the language made me smile but I really enjoyed it and I have already started the second  Jo of the Chalet School.  Not sure how many of the 58, yes 58 books in the series they have but I will enjoy reading the ones I can. 

Here is Autumn House by Bent Creek, 

looks a bit crooked but that is just the way the stitching was laying when I took the photo.
Here is my 'A Late Stroll' project, one of the cross stitch kits  from Yiotas xstitch

I would like to have done a bit more on it but as I said reading took a bit of my time.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fog, fog and more fog

It has been foggy and misty here for what seems like forever.  I's foggy when the boys go to school, when I walk Charlie the dog and even now it is lunchime and you still cannot see very far.  Oh well best stay inside and stitch.  

I have two finished projects today
First is Autumn Snow from SanMan Originals

Sorry not a good photo, the fabric is ivory so the snowman shows up a better in real life.

Next is another lovely SanMan Originals design

This one is called Jolly Jumping Reindeer

I'm stitching a Bent Creek design at the moment called Autumn House, then I must stitch a bit more on my 'A Late Stroll' project.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lime Green Snow

Another one of SanMan Originals tucks

I love these tucks, they are so quick to stitch and nearly always come with a charm.  This one came with the green snowflake.

I have also been stitching on 'A Late Stroll'  one of the cross stitch kits from Yiotas X-Stitch .  

It is coming on nicely and I will stitch a bit more on it later in the week.  I want to stitch a few more Chrsitmas ornaments first.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ho Ho Ho Getting ready for Christmas

Two small finishes first a cute one from Waxing Moon

 called.............................Winter Grows On You, don't you love those snowball plants. LOL.  I also added a few littlewhite pom-poms to the top to look like snowballs
next tuck from  SanMan Originals

Two more pieces I have stitched this week but not finished yet

Home for the Holidays from SanMan Originals 

Last one this post, another one from SanMan Originals

Merry Christmint

I will not show you A Late Stroll this post as I have not done much more on this piece since my last post.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Smells Like Christmas

Smells like Christmas from SanMan Originals.

It was so quick to stitch and came with the heart shaped cookie button.  I have loads more of Sandy's little designs and I am determined to stitch loads before Christmas.

I have also been working on my 'A Late Stroll'  one of the cross stitch kits  from Yiotas-xstitch

The house is stitching up nicely, lots of colour changes but it will be worth it when it is finished.

I am going to try and make up a few more of my stitched pieces into ornaments this week as well as stitching a bit more on 'A Late Stroll'.  I also want to stitch a few more of the little SanMan patterns, they always make lovely ornaments and tucks.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Home Spooky Home

Well I have finished the SanMan Originals Home Spooky Home but not in time for Halloween this year. 

Don't you just love the frame.

I have also finished one of my stitched pieces into an ornament

Another one of SanMan Originals cute charts.

Time to stitch on  'A Late Stroll'  one of the cross stitch kits from Yiotas X-Stitch  .  I will post an update on it is a few days.