Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wandering Shepherd and some wool

I have finished the wandering Shepherd by Shepherds Bush.  I do love these samplers and have a few more to stitch in my stash.  I would love to get some of their Gatherer ones as well but Shepherds Bush kits are very hard to find over here and when you add the duty, VAT and the £8-10 the post office add to collect duty/VAT makes them a bit too expensive to buy from overseas.

Before I start anything new or try and finish my LK snowmen there is something else I must finish before the weather gets too cold to wear it.

I really must finish this cardigan.  I started it in the spring but still have the sleeves to do.  I decided to make it longer in the body as I prefer my cardigans longer.  I am knitting it using Patons  Smoothie, it's the first time I have used this and it is lovely yarn.  I have also promised a friends granddaughter I would make her some clothes for her dolls.

Happy stitching