Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Don't faint but I finished the Embroidery Guild.

Hopefully I am properly back in stitching mode, I have so many charts I want to stitch and there are alsways so many more to add to my list. LOL

Must dash, I have to make a chocolate cake before the boys come home from school.

Friday, 27 January 2012


I cannot beleive it is almost the end of January and I have not finished one piece of stitching.  I know things have been busy but I should have finished something.  I have stitched a bit but I must stitch more from now on.

Here is my new project

Embroidery Guild from Little House Needleworks

and here is my Late Stroll 

 it is one of the  cross stitch kits from Yiotas xstitch

I am going to try and finish the Embroidery Guild this weekend so hopefully I will be able to post it early next week.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sorry for not posting again!

I have been so busy over Christmas and since but hopefully things will be back to normal from now on.  Not much stitching done since Christmas I have started a Little House Needlework chart called Embroidery Guild but I will show you that another time.  I have a couple more things I finished last year so will post them today.

First is Moose Be Christmas from SanMan Originals

Another SanMan Originals snowman tuck

This one is from Oakhaven designs, I left off the words at the bottom.  I love owls and have lots of the Oakhaven owls to stitch.

Well I will try and get back into blogging and not leave it so long before my next post.  I have my big project to continue as well it is called A Late Stroll and is one of the  cross stitch kits from Yiotas x-stitch . I will stitch some more of it this weekend.