Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm still here

So much has been going on, DH has had an accident at work and been off since 5th November, one of my boys has Crohns and has been in hospital again he is home now hopefully will be back at school on Monday but has to go to the dentist on the Wednesday to have two teeth out ready for a brace in January. I thought they might put it off as he has been ill but his consultant said it could still go ahead. He also has to see the consultant in January about having another colonoscopy, this will be his third and he is still only 12. Even Charle the dog did not want to be left out so when she had her routine check up on the 30th November the bloods came back as a problem with her liver. Luckily after more blood tests (and £146.00) they said she was OK.

I did finish an ornament.

I did start another ornament and hoefully if things stay a bit quiet I may finish stitching it also I just have to add some cording around another one I may be able to do that today if I'm lucky. so I may have something else to show you tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Girl's Night Out

Well I did not get to finish Just Nan's Girl's Night Out. I don't know what it is about this but I just cannot get into it. I have finished loads of Just Nan samplers and loved stitching everyone of then but this..............I just cannot stitch on for more then a few minutes at a time. I will keep plodding on stitching a little bit now and then but I fear it may end up being put away until next year.

Christmas is looming and all the snowmen charts I have are calling me.........I wonder which one will shout the loudest. LOL

Monday, 26 October 2009

What a month!!!

Well not much stitching done again this month. We have all been sick with the flu, Jack came home with it and within two days we all had it. We are all over it now thankfully. I have finished a Halloween tuck from SanMan Originals and I am trying to finish Just Nan's Girl's Night Out from her Red Hat Stitcher series. I don't know why but this Just Nan one is taking ages I cannot seem to get into it.
Here is the Halloween tuck it is called Bat in the Hat and is from the charts for sale in the SanMan Originals members newsletter.

I promise I will post more and if I do not finish the Girl's Night Out by the weekend I will let you see what I have stitched.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ladybug Tuck

Where does the time go? With the boys back at school I should have loads of time for stitching. I have stitched most days even if it is just for a few minutes, mostly on presents so cannot show you yet. I did finish a Sanman tuck, here it is.....

I must get a few more Halloween stitching done, I still have loads more that the boys would like me to stitch for Halloween but I don't think I will get them all done. There will be a new Sanman newsletter soon and I'm sure there will be more on there they would like stitched.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Spring Spot

No internet yesterday BT playing up so fingers crossed it will stay on now. The boys are finally back to school so hopefully I will be able to stitch a bit more and blog a bit more. I did finish the Spring Spot by Drawn Thread, that is two of the spots stitched and two left to go.

Here it is I still need to do the drawn thread bit around the edge but I am waiting until I have stitched all four and decided how I am going to finish them.

I am going to stitch Sandy's Ladybug tuck next as we had so many ladybirds this year.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spider Eyes

Well not much time this holiday for stitching. I have finished another Halloween tuck and almost finished Drawn Threads Spring Spot.

This is another of Sandy's (Sanman Originals) very cute Halloween tucks called Spider Eyes.

Only a few more stitches to go in the Spring Spot so hopefully I will be posting a picture of it in a day or two.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Another of the SanMan Originals Halloween Tucks. These are so quick to stitch and as I have the tucks they actually get finished and not put in my very large pile of stitched but not finished items.

I have almost finished another one called Spider Eyes so will add that in a day or two.
Not sure what to stitch after that but maybe one of the Drawn Thread 'Seasonal Spots' or maybe another tuck.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Happy Dance

Wow I have actually finished Drawn Threads Wildflower Garden. Not sure why it took so long maybe because of the mistake on the chart and me not noticing it until after I had stitched it! I will have to re-charge the battery for the camera to show you it all but here is the last part.

You cannot see the flowers around the house but I'm not happy with the yellow beads that came with the kit so I might change them for brighter ones.

Off to find a quick Halloween one to do.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Teacher's Apple

WOW talk about cutting it close. LOL I finished this last night and nearly did not get to scan it. Just as I was going to scan it we had a thunderstorm and it lasted until after midnight. I had to remember to scan it this morning before Tom went to school. The chart is from the World of Cross Stitching Popcorn Calendar 2009.

I made a 3D decoupage Popcorn card to go with it

I used the Popcorn CD from Crafters Companion to make the card. I was beginig to think I would not get this finished now to get back to the Wildflower Garden.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Popcorn Bear

Well last Monday after I posted I received a phone call from Jack's school. They said as he is on immunosuppressive medication they felt he should have the rest of the term off. He is on Azathioprine for his Crohns. Schools are not being closed now if they have swine flu but apparently there are cases at his school. Tom was not impressed, he is still at his school until this Friday. I have not finished the present for his teacher yet so I'm pleased he is still at school. I was going to stitch a Sweetheart tree Heart, a school one that one of the girls on the SanMan board sent me but he does not want it, he wants a popcorn bear for her. I love the Sweetheart Tree Hearts so I will stitch it for my eldest girlfriend she is a teacher and I have stitched some of the hearts for her already.

Here is the Popcorn Bear so far

Must get it finished tomorrow well at least the stitching part of it. It will have to be made into an ornament as the frame I brought for the heart will not be big enough for the bear.

Still stitching on the Wildflower Garden, here it is so far........

Sunday, 5 July 2009


It is so hot here and not really stitching weather. I have stitched a bit more of The Wildflower Garden.

Only two more sections to go and also the words that I have missed on some of the previous sections. They say it is going to be a lot cooler next week so hopefully I will get back to stitching more.

Nearly time for the schools to break up for the summer. Jack is 12 and goes to Dane Court Grammar, he finishes on the 15th July and Tom who is still at priamry school finishes on the 17th. Tom is not happy that Jack is finishing two days before him even though he has had extra teacher training days earlier in the year.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Strawberries and the Wildflower Garden

Just the thing to stitch while Wimbledon is on. Another one of Sandy's lovely tuck kits from one the Members newsletters. Not sure why it is a bit wonky it was the right way up in the scanner. When I took it out it was still the right way up.

Here is an update of The Wildflower Garden. I restitched the border of the centre garden which I had to frog. It put me off stitching it for a few days.

Hopefully there will not be anymore mistakes, I want to get it finished now.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Messy Rabbit Pinkeep

When I saw this in the World of Cross Stitching I knew I had to stitch it. I have the CD and nearly all of the rubber stamps including the one like this. Unfortunately last week I did not have time to do any stitching.

I did not stitch the large flowers at each side of messy as I wanted to add the sequin flowers instead.

Back of the pinkeep, not the neatest of finishes.

So glad I finally have time to stitch again.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Nothing to show you

Well I have nothing to show you. First on Monday I was merrily stitching away on the Wildflower Garden when I realised something was wrong. I thought I had done something wrong but I had followed the chart correctly but checking the chart against the photo on the front showed that I had gone wrong because the chart has a line of the symbols missing. So I had to frog loads. Then on Tuesday the family computer broke. Thursday I get a phone call to say my mother who is 80 and has Altzeimer's has been taken to hospital because she blacked out. She lives 3000 miles away in Canada so I cannot be of any practical help to my stepfather who is 82 and sounding very tired on the phone. They could not find anything wrong and yesterday they hooked her up to a heart monitor for 48 hours so we have to wait and see if that shows anything.

Yesterday I started a small project so hopefully I will get it finished quickly and have something to show you. I will start on the Wildflower garden again in a day or two. I don't feel like it at the moment.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wildflower Garden

I've not had much time to stitch on The Wildflower Garden this week but hopefully I will have enough time for stitching next week to finish it. I do want to stitch SanMan Originals Berry Tuck to go on my ornament tree this week as well. I saw Mel's finished one in the SanMan Gallery and knew I had to move this one to the top of my 'to do' pile. My spring tucks are now packed away until next year so my ornament tree is looking a bit bare.

Sorry about the crooked scan also the colours seem a bit dull.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Heebie Jeebie

This is my last Halloween finish for a while I have some other bits and pieces to do first. This is another of the lovely quick banner kits from SanMan Originals newsletter shop. That pumpkin at the bottom is great I love him.

These banners have been so easy to finish as Sandy's finishing instructions said to use 'hemming tape' I have never used this before and I cannot believe how easy it was to make the banners using it. As some of you may remember my sewing machine and I are not the best of friends and using the hemming tape means he can stay in the cupboard. This is my favorite finishing tip at the moment and I am going to have to look at my 'stitched but not finished pieces and see if there are anymore that can be made into banners with this magic tape.

Not had much time to stitch on the Wildflower Garden but I still have a couple of days before I have to update you on it.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Coffin break and a Wildflower Garden

Another spooky banner for my boys. This is another banner kit from the SanMan Originals newsletter it is called 'Time for a Coffin Break'. It is going to look great with our other decorations on Halloween.

I have also started Wildflower Garden by Drawn Thread. I will try and add an update once a week, I will be stitching a few small pieces as well as this, my boys have a list of pieces they want stitched for Halloween and Christmas and there are a few I want to stitch for others as well.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

This is so cute and so quick to stitch. The ghost at the top and the one on the stitching came with the chart. It is one of the charts from last years SanMan Originals Halloween newsletter.

I have a few more of these and will make them in between my next sampler. I am going to stitch Drawn Threads The Wildflower Garden.

I have also popped the Ghost I stitched the other week into his tuck

Another Bank holiday this weekend, not sure what we will be doing yet, hopefully something nice to take our minds off the Dentist on Tuesday. Just the six month check up so hopefully all will be well for us all.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finaly Finished

I have finally finished The Promise and stitched the beads and charms on. Not a very good photo sorry but hopefully you can see it well enough.

Now I just have to find a frame for it. I do love these Shepherds Bush Samplers and have a few more in my stash. Next I am going to stitch another Halloween chart for my boys.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Santa Star

I stitched a banner for the Santa Star that I stitched about five or six years ago (I told you I have loads of unfinished pieces). LOL Not perfect but I did not have a pattern for it so I am feeling a bit pleased with myself. LOL I cannot remember who the designer is I know it is from one of the ornament issue's, I will have to get them out and have a look.

I will not bore you with another picture of the Promise WIP but hopefully it will be finished in a couple of days. I'm not going to be doing any stitching tomorrow as I want to scrap a few pages for Jack's book.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Finished Love Grows

I have finished Tonia's Love Grows SAL. I think I will finish this as a pillow I just need to find some fabric to go with it.

I think I may add my initials at the bottom in the middle.

I also stitched a bit more of The Promise, not as much as I would have liked but hopefully I can finish the stitching on this piece in a day or two. Then it will be time for the beads and charms. Also time to start thinking about what I am going to stitch next or maybe I will finish another one of my stitched pieces into an ornament.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Promise, Christmas and Halloween

Not really done much stitching this week. Over the Bank Holiday we went out a few times. On Sunday we went to Dover Castle and Monday to Reculver. But I did manage a little bit on The Promise by Shepherd's Bush.

Not very much stitching left on this one and then it will just be the beads and charms to be added.

Made one of my pieces of Christmas stitching into an ornament. This is a SanMan Originals board members chart.

I also stitched a piece for Halloween, another SanMan Originals board members chart. Just need to find a grey star to add just above the ghosts head and a tuck.

I must go and start on the second part of Tonia's SAL.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Love Grows and a Pine Pillow

I have finished the first part of Tonia's (Oakhaven Designs) SAL 'Love Grows'. I changed the colours to some SSS ones that I had. I used Wine a Bit, Very Berry and Mulberry Wine. I used DMC 844 instead of black.

I also made another pillow this time minus the frill. LOL

I managed to get some pine cone fabric to match the design. I Pine For You was a chart from the from SanMan Originals Christmas SAL.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Iris pillow and Snow

Feeling rather pleased with myself I have completely finished another item. I have made Sandy's Iris into a pillow. I love the colours but that ruffle took so long...........the next pillow I make will just be a plain pillow.

I have also finished Sandy's (SanMan Originals) Sew Snow. I would like to make this into a pillow as well but I cannot find any fabric I like to go with it.

I must stitch a little of The Promise but I also want to finish a couple more items while I have the sewing machine out. Who know's when it will see the light of day again. Also I have promised Tonia (Oakhaven designs) that I will start her currant SAL.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Don't faint but....................

I have actually finished something, not just stitched it but finished it into a scissor keeper. I am so pleased with this and it was so quick to make up.

I decided that as the sewing machine was out I would finish something else as well. I picked a stitched piece and started to make a pillow. It is taking so long I'm afraid my sewing machine and I are not the best of friends. I will finish it hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More of The Promise and a Spring Keeper

I have not stitched much on The Promise but I had to stitch myself a scissor keeper as my lovely beaded scissor fob broke. No batteries in the camera so a scanner picture again.

I decided to stitch The Spring Scissor Keeper by Drawn Thread. It was such a quick stitch and hopefully tomorrow I will make it into the keeper for my scissors.

I am also stitching Sandy's Sew Snow. This is so cute but I am not going to show it to you until I have finished stitching it.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Promise by email

I have just found out that I can update my blog by email! Let's hope this works as it has taken me ages to work out how to insert a photo into an email.

This is an update of The Promise by Shepherds Bush.

I could not get it all in the scanner so the top part is missing this time. I'll have to make sure I use the camera next time.

Fingers crossed this works.

Well it almost worked, just the photo did not show, not sure what I did wrong I will have to look into it later. I have added the photo now.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More Promise and a Garden Tuck

Well Easter is finished and all the eggs are eaten, well except two and they are Jack's. He always makes his last as long as possible.
Here is an update on my Shepherds Bush The Promise Sampler.
I am hoping I will have a bit more time for stitching this week but I did manage to fit in
another tuck from Sanman Originals.
I do love these they are quick to stitch and look great. This one is called The Garden Tuck.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Promise

I said I was in sampler mood. This one is called The Promise by Shepherds Bush. Not a very good scan the colours are not right.

I have not had a lot of time for stitching as the boys have been home and we have taken Charlie our Labrador out for walks sometimes along the tracks by the farms. Charlie loves these walks and it keeps the boys off The World of Warcraft. I'm sure they would spend all day on there if they could. LOL

Friday, 3 April 2009

Follow the Needle

I do not know where the time goes it's been more then a week since I showed you anything. I have finished Just Nan's Follow The Needle. I do love stitching samplers and I think I will do another one now. I promise to show you it before I finish otherwise it will be ages before I blog again. Especially as the Easter holidays start today, not sure how much stitching time I will get with the boys home.
Here is Follow The Needle, hopefully I can find a frame for it soon as it will look great in my bedroom.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Climbing Rose Cottage

Well what has happened to Spring? The weather was lovely here last week and on Monday it changed. We had heavy rain, strong winds and the wind had such a chill in it. It's not been much better the last few days and they say we may even have winter showers by Saturday.
I have stitched one of the cottages from Elizabeth designs, Climbing Rose Cottage. I have a few of these cottage charts so a few more may be stitched in the near future.
I am in a sampler mood at the moment and I am stitching one of Just Nan's samplers called 'Follow The Needle'

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Snow, Spring and the Sea

Three more cute finishes all from SanMan Originals. First is the Cup of Winter

This one has not scanned very well it is a lot nicer in RL.

Next is Spring Tuck.

I love tucks they are a great way to finish small pieces of stitching.

Last one today is Ocean

This one came with the frame and will go in my bathroom.

Thank you all for visiting and thank you for the comments you have left.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

All Hearts Buzz

Just a quick post to show you my two latest finishes.
The first is All Hearts by Elizabeth Designs, this will be made into an ornament.

The second is another of Sandy's tuck's. This one is called Buzz and is from the February newsletter.

Not sure what I am going to stitch next, off to have a look.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cocoa, Marshmallows and a Woof

Long time no post but I have been stitching. I will show you a couple and post again tomorrow with the rest. Oops forgot to scan them back in a second.

Cocoa and Marshmallows by SanMan Originals (member's only chart). I was not going to stitch this yet but I keep seeing it stitched by other people and gave in. I am going to frame it for the kitchen.

Woof another cute tuck by Sandy (SanMan member's only chart). As soon as this arrived I just had to stitch it.
A few more photo's of places we like to visit in our area. These two are of Dover Castle, Jack's favourite place to visit. Tom is not so keen to much walking he says. LOL He prefers Walmer or Deal Castle. Here is some information about Dover Castle.