Monday, 13 July 2009

Popcorn Bear

Well last Monday after I posted I received a phone call from Jack's school. They said as he is on immunosuppressive medication they felt he should have the rest of the term off. He is on Azathioprine for his Crohns. Schools are not being closed now if they have swine flu but apparently there are cases at his school. Tom was not impressed, he is still at his school until this Friday. I have not finished the present for his teacher yet so I'm pleased he is still at school. I was going to stitch a Sweetheart tree Heart, a school one that one of the girls on the SanMan board sent me but he does not want it, he wants a popcorn bear for her. I love the Sweetheart Tree Hearts so I will stitch it for my eldest girlfriend she is a teacher and I have stitched some of the hearts for her already.

Here is the Popcorn Bear so far

Must get it finished tomorrow well at least the stitching part of it. It will have to be made into an ornament as the frame I brought for the heart will not be big enough for the bear.

Still stitching on the Wildflower Garden, here it is so far........

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