Sunday, 5 July 2009


It is so hot here and not really stitching weather. I have stitched a bit more of The Wildflower Garden.

Only two more sections to go and also the words that I have missed on some of the previous sections. They say it is going to be a lot cooler next week so hopefully I will get back to stitching more.

Nearly time for the schools to break up for the summer. Jack is 12 and goes to Dane Court Grammar, he finishes on the 15th July and Tom who is still at priamry school finishes on the 17th. Tom is not happy that Jack is finishing two days before him even though he has had extra teacher training days earlier in the year.

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Sally said...

Your DT piece is looking fantastic Sue!

My youngest finishes on 17th too. Eldest finished nearly three weeks when she'd finished her A levels!