Thursday, 16 August 2018

Anna is finished

I have finished Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixie Anna.

I loved stitching her, not so much the beading.  Mind you it looks great when the beading is finished.

I have so many Mirabilia's in my stash but always happy to add more.  I managed to get Fairy Idyll which is OOP the other week, I have been after her for ages.  I'm so happy, not sure when I'll get around to stitching her but at least I now have her.

I have also finished Just Nan's The promise.  I'd forgotten how much I like the Just Nan samplers.

I'm so glad I've finished a couple of My StitchMaynia starts, I still have loads to finish but I want to stitch a couple more ornaments.  We are having a bigger tree this year so need more ornaments plus DS2 has now finished uni, started a new job and is getting his own place so will be putting up his own tree and

Happy Stitching


Saturday, 21 July 2018

It's so hot

It's been very hot for weeks,  no rain at all.  I know a lot of people like the hot weather but unfortunately I'm not one of them.   Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons.  It's been to hot to stich some days and they say next week is going to be even hotter. 

I have stitched a couple of ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree by Little House Needleworks.

Be Merry by Country Cottage Needleworks

Christmas Birdhouse by Country Cottage Needleworks

I also stitched a bit more on my Mirabilia's Bewitching Pixie Ana.

I love these pixies and must try and finish this one soon, I have loads more of them to do.

Happy stitching


Monday, 2 July 2018

Updates and Battle Abbey

Not a lot of stitching done last month. My youngest two broke up for the summer from University so we have spent time together.  The last day out was to Battle Abbey. 

First some updates.

I finished the Welcome Banner from Country Cottage Needleworks Welcome to the Forest series 

I also stitched an ornament from Country Cottage Needleworks called Holly Jolly. 

A little bit more on my Mirabilia's Snow Queen.

And lastly 

Another part of Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas. 

We have had some lovely days out and the last one to Battle Abbey was great.  We probably spent more time in the car going to and from There but it was lovely just having the time to actually talk together.   No TV, computers or Xbox and they hardly looked at their phones.

Hubby and our two youngest in the Abbey grounds

Happy stitching


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A finish, an update and more StitchMaynia starts.

I started one of Country Cottage Needleworks ornaments.  Called By the Chimney, and I finished it.  Well pleased that I actually finished it with all these new projects I keep starting.

I stitched a bit more on my Bewitching Pixie Ana,

Although I did have to frog a lot last night unfortunately.

I also stitched on the Welcome to the Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks

I'm going to finish this part tonight, well hopefully I will.

And another new start.  Winter Queen from Mirabilia.

It doesn't look much yet but I know I'm going to love stitching this one.

We'll that's it for now.  I'll try and not start anymore new ones but I won't promise.

Happy stitching


Monday, 21 May 2018

StitchMaynia update

Well I did not have a new start every day like your supposed to, maybe I will next year now I know about it.

I have finished the first part of Little House Needleworks Country Christmas. 

I stitched a bit more on my Shepherds Bush Wool Gatherer.

I also have the Herb Gatherer and Earth Gatherer in my stash, I really must stitch them soon.

I did start a few new projects

Mirabilia's Rose of Sharon, I have had this chart in my stash forever.  It was one of the first charts I brought.

Just a small start but at least it's started.

I also started

Ana, one of Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixies

And one last start

Just Nans The Promise,  one of the Red Hat Stitcher charts.

We'll that's it for this post.  Maybe I will start some more I'm not sure.  If I do I must finish them and not start another UFO pile.

Happy stitching


Monday, 14 May 2018


The other day I discovered something called StitchMaynia.  Why have I not heard about this before?  Apparent started a few years ago in 2015.  People started 15 new projects in May 2015 then in 2016 they started 16 new projects in May and so on.  One each day for the first X number of days in May.  So this is 2018 so for the first 18 days you start a new projet.   I'm coming to this late but will do my best to start 18 pieces in May.  Any excuse to start something new.  I will try and finish as many of the pieces as I can this year.

I have already started a few pieces this month.  The first is the Little House Needleworks Country Christmas.   As this is released a part each month after I have caught up with the first three I already have I will make sure I stitch each section as it comes out.  I really want this ready for Christmas this year.

I have started the main border and also stitched the borders around the first three parts.  I will start stitching the first section tonight.

I have also started stitching the border for the new Country Cottage Needleworks Welcome to the Forest.   My granddaughter will love this one.

I have also stitched the white border from the first part.

The next new project is The Wool Gatherer from Shepherds Bush.   I have been meaning to start this for years.

I've just noticed I left the needle in view when I took the photo,  sorry about that.

Must go now as I have to go out.  I will stitch on the County Christmas one tonight but I will also start something new to add to my rota.  Not sure I will end up with 18 on the go but you never know.   As long as I end up finishing a good number of them this year I'll be happy.  At least it might stop me buying so many new ones to be left waiting to be stitched, but probably not.  LOL

Happy stitching


Friday, 4 May 2018

Almost finished...

I've almost finished the Gingerbread Village. 

Just the buttons to put on.  I have the first three parts of Little House Needleworks Country Christmas and the first part of Country Cottage Needleworks Welcome to the Forest.   I'm going to start them both.

I have also stitched another ornament.

Country Cottage Needleworks Dear Santa

Just a short post this time as it's another busy bank holiday weekend with DS1s birthday yesterday and hubby's birthday tomorrow.   Hopefully I'll still get some time for a bit of stitching as well.

Happy stitching