Sunday, 15 September 2013

Welcome to the Nuthouse

More of my Summer stitching

Feels like the Nuthouse most days around here so this is perfect for us. LOL

Waxing Moon's Welcome to the Nuthouse

Another finish ready to be framed for Christmas, maybe for Winter too cute only to have up just for a few weeks over Christmas.

I think that is all the stitching I finished over the Summer holkidays but if I remember anything else I will add it later.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More Finishes

See I have been stitching even though my blogging has been non existent.  As promised here are a few more of the smaller pieces I have finished over the Summer.

Homespun Elegance ornament 2008 called Santa Please Bring Me

Lizzie Kate's Snowman '10 snippet

Lizzie Kate's Where's the Party (wonky scanning again)

and one for Halloween, this did not scan well because of the coffin charm.

Just Nan's Ghastly, Ghostly, Ghouls

I still have a few more pieces to show you but I will pot them in a few days.

Happy stitching.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Where has the Summer gone?

I cannot believe it, it is almost September and the boys will be going back to school next week.  Jack will be starting 6th form and doing the International Baccalaureate diploma and Tom will be starting his GCSE's.

James my eldest got married in August at the lovely Mount Ephraim in Faversham.
Here are two of my favourite photo's I took on the day.

Here is my son James and my beautiful new daughter in law Kirsty.

My youngest two son's were groomsmen.  Tom on the left and Jack on the right.

I have also done some stitching, I will save a couple for the next post but here are two of the Country Cottage Needleworks Santa's Village

 Santa's House

 Mrs Clause Cookie Shop

The house is straight just rubbish scanning. LOL

I have more to show you but will save them for another post.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Favourite Things

Here is My Favorite Things by Drawn Thread

 I did love stitching this and must get it framed as soon as I can.  I did change a part of it.  There was space for two sets of initials in one section with a motif between them.  Cynthia had added her two children's initials.  I have three boys so I added all three of their initials and omitted the motif.


Still working on my Winter Queen but all the blues keep getting boring so I have also started a small Lizzie Kate called Snowman 2010.   I think the Winter Queen will take a long time, she is beautiful but very blue.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Bad blogger, good stitcher

I have been a very bad blogger but I have been stitching.   I have finished my Mirabilia blossom harvest. I have added all the beads and treasures but not a great fan of the flower treasures in her hair.  Never mind she is still beautiful.

She badly need ironing but if I wait until I have ironed her it will be ages before I blog her.  I will try and remember to  update the photo when I do get her ironed.

I need to add the charm to My favorite Things by The Drawn Thread and will show it to you soon.  I am still working on my Winter Queen by Mirabilia although Mirabilia's Titania keeps calling me. LOL I feel a new start coming on.


Monday, 20 May 2013

Blossom Harvest

Just a quick post to show you Mirabilia's Blossom Harvest.  She is coming on nicely,  think I will work on her a bit more

I do love the Mirabilia ladies and have more in my stash just wish I had more time to stitch on them.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Happy Dance

I have finished my Shepherds Bush St. Peter's Fair sampler.  I wanted to finish this one so have not worked on anything else this week. 

I will take a proper photo once I have pressed it.  I must stop taking photo's on my phone instead of the camera, they just don't look right.

I am going to get my Mirabilia Blossom Harvest out of the UFO pile and work on her as well as my Dawn Thread Random Thoughts sampler.  I am determined to get my UFO's under control. I wonder how long I can hold off starting something new.  LOL

Friday, 3 May 2013

Northern Lights Sampler

Here is my Northern Lights Sampler by Jeannette Douglas.  This is the second one of Jeannette's Canadian Journey samplers.  You cannot see the top of it but I want to stitch a bit more before I finish tonight so did not want to take it off the frame.

The snowman tuck is one of Sandy's from Sanman Originals.  Sandy's tucks are lovely to stitch and as they come with the tucks finishing is easy.

I may stitch a bit more on my St. Peter's Fair tomorrow, I really want to finish these before they become UFO's again. 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Two Samplers

An update on My Favourite Things by Drawn Thread.

This one is coming on well, I think it will be finished soon it is stitching up quickly. 

Next one is St. Peter's Fair by Shepherds Bush.

Not a good picture you cannot see the sun very well I will try and take a better picture next time.

I will work a bit on my Northern Lights sampler by Jeannette Douglas,  I will post an update on it in a couple of days.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Berries and Favourite Things

Another finish and a WIP.

Morning Berries is a Little House Needlework sampler.  I stitched it on linen band and it will look great with my Autumn stitching later in the year.

My WIP is My Favourite Things by The Drawn Thread.  It is one of three samplers I have as WIP at the moment and I am going to try and work on each of them every week.  The other ones in my sampler rotation are St. Peter's Fair by Shepherds Bush and The Northern Lights Sampler by Jeannette Douglas.

Monday, 22 April 2013

12 Houses

Another finish, one from Drawn Thread called 12 houses sampler.  I have had this in my stash for a long time along with a few other Drawn Tread charts.  I must try and stitch a few more of them this year.

I have some UFO's and I must try and finish a few of them up this year as well.  I say that every year but one year I might actually finish them all.  LOL

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April already?

I cannot beleive it is April and I have not posted any finishes so far this year.  A lot going on at home and not much stitching but I have finished a few pieces.   I will post one of them today and try to make sure I post again in a few days.

Today's finish is Vintage Christmas from Country Cottage Needleworks.   Unfortunately I did not get this finished in time for Christmas but I will make it into a cushion for next year.