Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Favourite Things

Here is My Favorite Things by Drawn Thread

 I did love stitching this and must get it framed as soon as I can.  I did change a part of it.  There was space for two sets of initials in one section with a motif between them.  Cynthia had added her two children's initials.  I have three boys so I added all three of their initials and omitted the motif.


Still working on my Winter Queen but all the blues keep getting boring so I have also started a small Lizzie Kate called Snowman 2010.   I think the Winter Queen will take a long time, she is beautiful but very blue.


Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog through Mary-Joan.
Your finish is beautiful - I've just bought this chart and it's lovely to see it stitched up.
Hope you have a good weekend (:

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful!