Monday, 24 June 2013

Bad blogger, good stitcher

I have been a very bad blogger but I have been stitching.   I have finished my Mirabilia blossom harvest. I have added all the beads and treasures but not a great fan of the flower treasures in her hair.  Never mind she is still beautiful.

She badly need ironing but if I wait until I have ironed her it will be ages before I blog her.  I will try and remember to  update the photo when I do get her ironed.

I need to add the charm to My favorite Things by The Drawn Thread and will show it to you soon.  I am still working on my Winter Queen by Mirabilia although Mirabilia's Titania keeps calling me. LOL I feel a new start coming on.



Amarins said...

Great stitching, beautiful.

Annie said...

Stunning, lovely, beautiful, gorgeous.....!

Miamina said...

Look stunning well done!

Looking forward to seeing update on Winter Queen, she has always been my favourite!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!