Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last for 2008

There are still a few items I have finished and not shown you that I have finished this year.

Not very good photo's sorry. The first is a cube I made using SanMan Originals member's only chart Sneggdeer.

Lizzie Kate's Winter Wishes.

SanMan Originals Candy Tuck. A member's only chart and the tuck came with it as well.

SanMan Originals Frosty Faces another member's only chart and button. I found the tinsel ribbon in a craft shop and unlike real tinsel it does not shed the tinsel.

Christmas Rose by Elizabeth Designs.

Thank you all for visiting my blog in 2008 and I hope you will continue to visit in 2009


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mermaid Of The Pearls

I've been asked about the mermaid I use for my avatar. It is one of the Mirabilia Mermaids, The Queen Mermaid. I have also stitched The Mermaid Of The Pearls, but unfortunately neither of them have been framed yet. I said I was bad at finishing and that includes framing. I really must get them framed one day they are far to beautiful just to lie rolled up in the cupboard.

Maybe I will show you a few more of my finished but not framed pieces soon.

Santa's Surprise and a Gingerbread Man

I have finished one of my ornaments, Santa's Surprise by Ladybug Lane Designs. This is from the JCS ornament issue 2006

The Gingerbread Man is from SanMan Originals, the frame came with the chart and is one of the Secret Shop newsletter kits. It was a lovely quick stitch and looks so cute.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Ornament squares

Here are the lovely ornament squares I received. It was fun joining in exchanges again. This one and the RR one were the first ones I joined in for a few years. I must join more next year.

This is from Rose, Thank you again Rose.

Louise sent me this one she stitched it from the Prairie Schooler Starry Night book. Thank you Louise.

Kay sent me this lovely sparkly Ready Set Snow unfortunately it is hard to see the white glittery stitching in the scan. Thank you Kay.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Time does fly. LOL It's been a while since I added anything to my blog I bet you all thought I had given it up. LOL It's nearly Christmas and all my presents have been brought, all stitchy presents made and the ornament square swap I was in on the Starydreamers forum have been received. I'll show you the ornament squares today.

This one I stitched for Kay and is called Woodland Joy by Something In Common. It is from the 2000 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.

This one is for Louise and is Roly Poly Snowman by Bent Creek from the 2002 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.

This one is for Rose and is Winter's Eve from Country Cottage Needleworks in the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine.

I have now received my lovely ornament squares from the girls, just got to scan the last one and I will show you them all tomorrow.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Wooly Winter

I loved stitching this Shepherds Bush design but it will have to wait for the beads and charm as I have some exchanges to do first.

I hope to be able to stitch a few little ones for myself in between the exchange pieces. I have some Christmas cards to make as well so must get on with them as well.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Just one little finish to show you this time. Autumn by SanMan Originals (forum members only chart). Sandy also made the frame, it is so cute. Not done a lot of stitching this week as I have been making some Christmas cards, not stitched ones but papercrafting ones, hopefully I will be able to finish all the cards I need to make. Still have a lot of stitching to do before Christmas as well. I wonder if I can get anyone to buy me some extra hours in the day as a present for my birthday next month. LOL I think I am going to need them.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Both of the RR's I stitched on have reached their homes so I can show you the squares I stitched. The first on is for Kay, her theme was Halloween and I stitched a SanMan design for her. (forum members only chart).

The second one was for Louise and her theme was snowmen. I stitched a Waxing Moon design for her but I had to change it slighly to fit into her square.

I also finished one of the SanMan Halloween pieces I stitched a while ago. It is a chart for SanMan forum members only.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


I'm working on a RR at the moment so cannot show you it yet but I did finish a piece from my stitched but not finished pile into an ornament.

I think it is really cute, it is from SanMan Originals (forum member's only chart). I also stitched a Lizzie Kate which has added itself to my stitched but not finished pile. Hopefully it will be finished by Christmas.

Well back to my RR.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

A few more finishes

I really must try and post here a bit more. I have a couple of new finishes and I also finished one of my stitched pieces into an ornament.

First is Friends Forever by Lori Birmingham, a bit disappointed as there were not enough crystal beads to do all the snowflakes but there were plenty of the bugle beads so I used those for the large snowflake. Sorry about the photo the banner is a bit wrinkly.

The second finish is also a banner from Lori Birmingham called Be Good. Must get some bell pull rods to hang them.

My son Tom picked this snowman by Ursula Michael from my pile of stitched but not finished pieces as his ornament this year.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Strawberry House

Finished the Strawberry House, it was lovely to stitch. Not sure how I am going to finish it yet, probably frame it.

Also finished my first pinkeep using a SanMan design (forum member's only chart). It looked OK until I scanned it now it looks uneven along the bottom. I will have to pay more attention when I make my next one.

Not sure what I am going to stitch next there are so many I want to do. I really should finish one of my WIP but I expect I will start something new.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Halloween Tucks

Here are the Halloween tucks from SanMan Originals (forum member's only charts). I love these and so do my boys they want loads and loads stitched for Halloween. LOL


A Halloween Tale

I'm going to give Halloween a rest for a while as I want to stitch Strawberry House by Little House Needlework. I want to try a pinkeep as well so I have found a little piece I stitched a while ago and will see how I get on.

Monday, 25 August 2008

A few finishes and a disaster

Well it's been a while but with the holidays it's been a bit busy here. One more week and the boys go back to school. I have managed to stitch a few things and finish a couple of ornaments I stitched a few years ago.

Halloween Jars by SanMan Originals(Forum member's only chart. The chart has writing down the side but my boys just wanted the jars. I'm going to make it into a banner. Just need to find some material for the banner.

Not sure who the designer is, but it must be from one of the JCS Ornament magazines.

Snowflakes falling by Rosie's Garden

Scare Who? by Sanman Originals (forum member's only chart). Sandy from SanMan also made the tuck, it's so cute.

I have also stitched a couple of little SanMan Halloween pieces, I'll put them in the tucks and show you them tomorrow. Now for the disaster...........

I joined a SAL on OakHaven Designs. I stitched the first part, stitched the second part and then I realised I had stitched with the fabric the wrong way! I cannot believe it I have never done that before. Oh well I will leave it a week or two and then start it again. It is a lovely design. Here is the disaster piece.

I'm going to do something with this maybe turn it into a fob so that it will be there to remind me not to do it again. LOL

Thursday, 31 July 2008

1st Flatfold

Been a bit busy with the school holidays but I have finished my first flatfold.

I was very pleased with it and have a few more stitched pieces lined up to be finished this way. Here is the back and side view.

I wish I had known about the flatfolds and cube finishes before now.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

1st cube

Well I did it my first cube and I love it. I used a Christmas Cookies by Sanman Originals (forum member's only chart). I can see a load of these being made for Christmas and Halloween.

I also made a Floss Tag with another SanMan design (forum member's only chart), a Halloween one this time.

I also remembered to scan the Frozen Banner, another SanMan design (forum member's only chart).

I have almost finished a flat fold as well, just need to put the braid on then I will show you.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Needles and Teachers

Well I have actually finished my first needle case, not perfect but I'm pleased with it. I added some wadding to make it slightly padded and added a pocket for my scissors.

I have also stitched the teacher's gifts, just need to get them framed. Best Teacher is by Glory Bee and Teaching Is A Work Of Heart is by Lizzie Kate.

Just got a couple of SanMan's I want to do then I am going to try and make either a pinkeep or a cube.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Flip Flops

Well I was not going to be beaten by that frog so I have finished stitching the flip flops and will make them into a needle case after I have finished the teachers gifts.

Jack has picked Lizzie Kate's Teaching Is A Work Of Heart and Tom has chosen Best Teacher by Glory Bee. Hopefully they will not take long to stitch as I want to finish the needle book.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Charlie and frogs

Well who sent the frog. LOL I decided to finish stitching the needle case before I started the teachers gifts and just finished stitching the last flip flop when I noticed it was one square out!!! So I had to unpick it all.

Never mind, no stitching to show you so here is a picture of our dog Charlie instead. She is almost 3 years old and such a sweetie.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Sally Snow

Been a busy couple of days but I did manage to sew Sally Snow together, just need to find some braid to finish her off.

I have a couple more Halloween ones like this from Lizzie Kate, hopefully I can have them ready for Halloween this year. Will let you know.

Stitched five flip flops on the Summer SAL needle case, two more to go. Not sure if I will get them finished this weekend as I must get the teacher gifts stitched. I always leave things till the last minute.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Finished and framed

Well I have finished the needleroll. A bit skinny but it was my first one. Need to practice my photography skills as well I think. LOL

I have also finished one of the SanMan charts from the June Newsletter it is called Flip Flop Fun and came with the frame.

Tomorrow I am going to try and finish Sally Snow, I've found some fabric for the back so fingers crossed I can make her into a stand up ornament. I also want to start Joan's Summer SAL (Sapphire Stitching).