Monday, 28 February 2011

Welcome Sampler Finished

Well I cannot believe it I have finally finished.

The blue stripes are ribbon, my first attempt at couching ribbon.  I cannot wait until I frame this one, it is going in my hall.  Those roses took ages, so many colour changes but it is worth it.

Another UFO lined up to be stitched.  I started stitching The Heirloom Christmas Sampler a few years ago when Jack was in hospital.  Hopefully I will get this one finished as well and have it hanging up next Christmas.  It is a beautiful chart from Victoria Sampler and one to practice my cut work on, hopefully not too much to put me off.  No it will not I WILL finish it.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Welcome 2

I meant to post this update at the begining of the week

actually I have almost finished but will take a photo of it after I have finished.  I should have it finished over the weekend.

I also received my newsletter goodies from Sanman Originals and one of the items is a small pin tin.  It was so cute I had to stitch it as soon as I received it.

Another bad photo sorry but it is a very cute finish. :  )

Friday, 11 February 2011

Welcome Sampler

Here is another UFO I am working on.  I was hoping to have more finished but we had trouble with the cold water tank in the loft and it decided to leak and water was pouring through the ceiling.  All fixed now thankfully.

It is from the May/June 2000 Stoney Creek magazine.  I will do my very best to get it finished before next week end  Mind you there is another bunch of roses to do in the bottom left corner and they take ages, so many colour changes.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Another small finish from Just Nan.  

Just need to get a bee charm for the centre.  I will then make it into an ornament.

I am working on another half finished UFO and I am so excited, I have been stitching like mad and it could be finished in a week or so.  It's a Welcome Sampler from a Stoney Creek magazine.