Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Spring Spot

No internet yesterday BT playing up so fingers crossed it will stay on now. The boys are finally back to school so hopefully I will be able to stitch a bit more and blog a bit more. I did finish the Spring Spot by Drawn Thread, that is two of the spots stitched and two left to go.

Here it is I still need to do the drawn thread bit around the edge but I am waiting until I have stitched all four and decided how I am going to finish them.

I am going to stitch Sandy's Ladybug tuck next as we had so many ladybirds this year.


Annie said...

Those Drawn Thread designs are so dainty. I love this. Your stitching looks perfect.

Mylene said...

It's beautiful. I love it.
Hope you are having a good weekend.

Tonya said...

Very cute and looks very nice! Great stitching Sue!!!