Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm still here

So much has been going on, DH has had an accident at work and been off since 5th November, one of my boys has Crohns and has been in hospital again he is home now hopefully will be back at school on Monday but has to go to the dentist on the Wednesday to have two teeth out ready for a brace in January. I thought they might put it off as he has been ill but his consultant said it could still go ahead. He also has to see the consultant in January about having another colonoscopy, this will be his third and he is still only 12. Even Charle the dog did not want to be left out so when she had her routine check up on the 30th November the bloods came back as a problem with her liver. Luckily after more blood tests (and £146.00) they said she was OK.

I did finish an ornament.

I did start another ornament and hoefully if things stay a bit quiet I may finish stitching it also I just have to add some cording around another one I may be able to do that today if I'm lucky. so I may have something else to show you tomorrow.

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