Friday, 22 May 2009

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

This is so cute and so quick to stitch. The ghost at the top and the one on the stitching came with the chart. It is one of the charts from last years SanMan Originals Halloween newsletter.

I have a few more of these and will make them in between my next sampler. I am going to stitch Drawn Threads The Wildflower Garden.

I have also popped the Ghost I stitched the other week into his tuck

Another Bank holiday this weekend, not sure what we will be doing yet, hopefully something nice to take our minds off the Dentist on Tuesday. Just the six month check up so hopefully all will be well for us all.


Rhea said...

Nice work, those are both really cute!! I really love the way you finished the first one! Love tucks too. :o)

Stitcher from Wales said...

oh lovely finishes soon, love the bibbity bobbity boo!!

Sally said...

They are both so cute Sue! I've done the Ghost one.

MissElany said...

love this Sue