Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Winter Grows On you

I have finished the Waxing Moon's Winter Grows On You, such a fun stitch.

Another update on my Faye Whittaker's Cowes project.

I finished the little boy in brown and started on the top part of the lady with the umbrella.  I think there are 12 children and two adults altogether on this one.

My next project to run alongside 'Cowes' is Country Cottage Needleworks 'Summer at the Shore'

Hopefully this happy summer chart will encourage the summer to come back.  Last week it was so hot and this week it is almost winter outside!

Just a few more things to do and then I can stitch a bit.


Bec said...

Congrats on such a cute finish!
Your WIP's are lovely too :)

Sandra said...

Aww!!! That winter looks so cute!