Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Tuck and an almost finished pixie

Looks like I am getting back into my stitching zone again.

Here is an Easter Tuck

It is from the Sanman March newsletter, I did change the colours so I could use some of the Six Strand Sweets I had.

I have almost finished Nora Corbett's Amaryllis Pixie, hopefully I will finish the stitching and the rest of the beads in a couple of days.

I have already added the beads to her hair

Ooops just noticed one of the crystal drop beads is looking a bit off, I will make sure it is hanging properly when I take the next photo.


Shebafudge said...

They are both really pretty!

Sarah Beth said...

Love the Easter tuck. Do you make your own tuck pillows. I want so much to learn how to make them.

Sue said...

Hi Sarah, no I do not make them. Sandy at Sanman Originals sells them with the charts in her newsletters. I think Cyberstitches has a free pattern for them.

Veronica said...

Amaryllis is beautiful. Love those treasures in her hair. They're so sparkly.


Unknown said...

Love your SanMan Bunny.
Judi in N CA