Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wandering Shepherd

Almost finished another section and then only one more part to do. I love the 6 Fat Men all stitched together.  I'm not sure if I will frame them or make them into a wall Hanging, I also have the 6 Snow Belles but I think I will wait until later in the year before I start them.  I did start a new project this week....

The Wandering Shepherd from Shepherds Bush.  It has been a while since I stitched one of their samplers and I wish they were easier to find here in England.  I would love to find some of the Gatherer ones.

It is  a Bank holiday here this weekend so hopefully I will get a bit more time for stitching, especially as it is supposed to rain Again!

Happy Stitching


1 comment:

Claudia Valle said...

i always feek so guilty when i see someone working on 6 fat men =( i havent worked on mine in FOREVER! and is nowhere near being done ...good thing is not really as christmasy and it can be done any time =D

youre doing great ! almost done!!!