Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Beading started and Wingham Wildlife Centre

Was going to post on Friday but my youngest came home from university for a short visit.  It was so nice to see him, he did not let us know just surprised us.

Here is my Siren and the Shipwreck waiting for her beads and treasures.  This is the photo I was going to post on Friday. 

I have started the beading, not my favourite part of the Mirabilia charts but it will be worth it once they are all on.

Hopefully the beading won't take long and I can start on my Lizzie Kate Christmas mystery SAL.

On Monday I went to Wingham Wildlife Centre with my son, daughter in law and granddaughter.   It was a lovely day.  It has changed so much  since I last went.  It was just Wingham Bird Park then.

Hailey watching the penguins.

James, Hailey and Kirsty feeding the fish.

Hailey and the crocodile,  they have a few of these photo boards.

I took some photos of the big cats, I tried to blur out the fences but you can still see them a bit.

They also have a Dinosaur area, lots of animated dinosaurs and even a sand pit where children can pretend to dig up dinosaur bones.

Happy stitching


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