Saturday, 29 October 2011

Half Term

Half Term so not as much stitchy time.  I did work on my 'Cowes' and managed to finish most of the bottom left hand corner.  So glad to finish that stone colour.

I am stitching fast trying to finish this piece for Halloween.

It is called 'Home Spooky Home' and is from SanMan Originals.  It came with a very cute hanger and I really want to get it finished in time for Halloween this year.

We went to Dover Castle yesterday one of our favourite places to go and it is less then 30 minutes drive from us.  I know I have posted photo's of the castle before but it is such a lovely place I will post some more.

Dover Castle.  I did not take this photo yesterday, I could not get a good one of all the castle yesterday.  This one I took on one of our other visits but the rest are from yesterday.

View of the Church and Pharos from the Keep.

They have re-created some of the scenes from the Kitchens

Cooking area

Washing the clothes


Re-creations from other parts of the Keep

A Royal bed

Royal Jewels

One of the Alters

They have also changed some of the area's in the War Time tunnels but you cannot take photo's in there but the tours were great.  Well worth visiting if you are in the area.

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