Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fleur Etui

Just a quick post, not had much time to stitch.  My 15 year old dislocated his knee again at school.  Second time in three months so we have spend two days visiting the hospital and now he has a full leg cast on for at least a month.

I did start the Fleur  Etui

That is two of the panels finished

I have stitched a bit more of the Blossom Harvest as well but not enough to take another picture and show you.  I will add it to the next post.

Four Jubilee weekend here, we were going to Dover Castle but now Jack has injured his knee we will have to stay home.  He will not be up to all that walking. 

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Anonymous said...


Lovely stitching, so pretty.
Sorry to hear about your sons knee.
Happy stitching!