Thursday, 24 May 2012

Here is an update of my blossom Harvest by Mirabilia

She is coming on nicely mind you I am begining to wish I was not using 32ct fabric.  I may have to stick with 28ct in the future.

I received the magazine for the Cross Stitch Guild the other day and there is a project in there I REALLY want to stitch.  Never made anything like this before but I so want to make this.

This is the inside and this

is Fleur Etui box closed.  Sorry about the picture.

It is beautiful.


Veronica said...

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the fabric. In any case, she's progressing beautifully. Gorgeous box! Would love to see your WiP on it.


Anonymous said...

Harvest Blossom is looking very pretty!
That little box in the CSG is beautiful!

Mylene said...

Blossom Harvest is looking lovely!

And WOW! that box looks gorgeous, LOVE it!!

Sandra said...

The box is so beautiful! Congrats!